Plugins & Downloads

Several of my ongoing plugins and projects

Plugins And Downloads

An assortment of free plugins and modules for WordPress.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins for WordPress in general & can work with any environment.

Admin Page Spider Pro

Gives you a quick access menu to any page, post or post type on your entire website. Avoid going in & out of dashboard & wasting valuable time! Used on over 20,000 sites!

Beaver Builder Modules

An assortment of custom modules and functionality for the Beaver Builder Plugin

Beaver Builder Module - Map

Adds a better google map widget.  Still very simple and fast to set up but most importantly it has capability to use snazzymaps to style and indicate colours and design of your maps to integrate them better with your websites.

Beaver Builder Module - Text Show/Hider

Adds a simple module to handle show/hide text somewhere on your page.

Beaver Builder Module - Layout Inserter

The Beaver Builder shortcode is very powerful and allows you to insert any saved layout wherever you want. But it's a pain to track down ID numbers and the code itself.  This is a simple plugin which lets you select from your saved templates and insert it wherever you like!

Beaver Builder Plugins/Addons

Plugins and Addons which extend the Beaver Builder Theme or Plugin

J7 Header Footer Templates

Making your own header/footer or custom call-to-action using the builder is a breeze but it would be nice to apply them globally. Now you can! It adds a simple panel to the Theme Customizer!

Retired Projects

RIP. Proof of concept/no longer supported/uncompleted experiments.

WordPress Plugin - Responsive Typography

Allows you to set a minimum and a maximum font size and then scales all heading sizes based on your screen width and a perfect mathematical scale for a responsive typography solution.

BBPlugin - Beaver Quicklinks

Adds quick links to the beaver builder editor bar to get quick access to CSS, Preview, Save and Global settings windows!

Beaver Builder Module - Shape Borders

A Beaver Builder Module to add shaped borders to your layouts.

Add slopes or curves to make your layouts more visually interesting without the time consuming custom CSS!

Beaver Builder Module - Login Box

Added a simple login-form wherever you wanted in your layouts.  Allowed you to set the redirect link and urls for new registrations as well as lost passwords. Has been replaced by a native BB module so is no longer supported.