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J7 Header Footer Templates

This plugin adds a section in the Theme Customizer which lets you select any beaver builder template to insert into your header/footer globally across your website.


Why is this better than just using the shortcode? Because it wraps your template in either a <header> <footer> or <div> HTML markup with Schema in place so Google and other search engines can make context of your code.


You can also set your chosen header to sticky or transparent. You can also assign a new 'content' block anywhere on your page for a simple lightweight embed solution.

  • Supports HTML5 & Schema markup for inserting Header & Footer
  • Allows transparency on home page, or all pages
  • Allows Overlay or Fixed overlay on home page, or all pages
  • Custom-Content block insert-able on nearly any theme hook
  • Simple & intuitive
  • Fast
  • Allows Preview in Customizer
  • Lightweight
  • Also hosted on the Official WP Plugin Directory
  •  Note: Only supports the official Beaver Builder Theme and child themes