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Why load three pages, when you can load one?

This plugin will create quick-access menus for your custom post types! You can quickly see and edit any of your links right from the menu bar! I have natively supported some of the most popular WordPress plugins below, but you can also create your own for other post types!


WordPress Pages

See all the pages on your site, including whether they're drafts and unpublished or whether they're hidden and private. No need to visit the dashboard you simply edit the page you want straight away.

Edit Pages

WordPress Posts

WordPress posts are listed and even display the post date! Quickly search and edit any post that you've recently created, great for blog-heavy users. It even shows you which are still in draft state!


Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Page Builder (and Themer!) support. Creates menus that you can easily jump into your pages, layouts, templates, modules and edit with the Beaver Builder interface. Even shows you what type of layout it is so you save even more time not clicking into the wrong one.


Edit directly in-editor

BeaverBuilder - Pages

View Themer/templates and their type

BB Themer

Divi Theme (Builder)

Divi Theme with its associated builder is now supported and gives you a menu to jump into the editing FrontEnd for all your pages. It even adds a shortcut to your layouts so you can view them and save about 4 clicks getting to them normally.

Elementor (Builder)

Elementor page builder is powerful and simple and with Admin Page Spider it's now even faster. You get a menu to access any page on your site as well as a menu inside the editing interface to quickly jump to other pages without losing focus. Incredible time saver.

Oxygen (Builder)

Oxygen Builder is now supported! You get a menu to access all your pages on the site that you can jump straight into the Oxygen editing interface with instantly.

CSS Hero (Editor)

The interface of CSS Hero is a big deal with a ton of power, the last thing you want to do is go into the wrong page! With a menu dedicated exclusively for accessing pages you can jump into any on your site without going back and forth to different pages.

Microthemer (Editor)

Microthemer is another powerful CSS editing plugin. With great power, comes great work efficiently! Get your editing experience on track by not wasting time visiting redundant pages with a menu to all your pages to edit instantly in the interface.

Yellow Pencil (Editor)

Yellow Pencil is already a very smooth CSS Editor. Now it's even smoother! You get a menu which accesses every single one of your pages directly to the Yellow Pencil editor. There's also support for the premium version!

Advanced Custom Fields (Fields Post Type)

ACF is a very popular plugin to assist building your own post types and field groups. With so many tools at your disposal you spend half your time jumping in and out of the different parts of the interface. Admin Page Spider will give you menus to jump between all your custom post types and field groups so you can edit and tweak them and save a ton of time! It also supports the premium version and elegantly annotates any fields with their types!

WooCommerce (Products Post Type)

WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce solution available for WordPress. Many people manage thousands and thousands of products.  Now you get a menu where you can easily see all of them, their date, you can search them and filter them instantly and save yourself hours looking for which one to edit. Absolutely essential if you work with numerous products.

Easy Digital Downloads (Downloads Post Type)

Easy Digital Downloads is probably THE best plugin for distributing licensed plugins and software. It just works so well! But if you run any kind of store with EDD you end up having lots of extra clicks to get to the pages you need to view. It's a royal pain!

Admin Page Spider will add all your products in an elegant little list you can search and view and edit, why hasn't this been thought of before?!

Do you have your own Custom Post Types?
Do you use Pods? Toolset?

Admin Page Spider (in the settings and deactivated by default) actually scans your entire WordPress site and lets you create a quick-access menu for any properly registered PostTypes. This works for almost every plugin out there that does something whether it's a gallery plugin, or a reviews plugin, chances are - it's supported!

View a menu with quick access to custom post types!


Enable any registered custom post types in the settings


Build Your Own Menu!

New feature now allows you to 'construct' your urls for any post type in your WordPress site! If you use something not natively supported you can now create links that achieve the same thing. Visual Composer pages anyone?

1 - Activate your plugin


2 - Edit a page using your plugin

Edit with VC

3 - Pay attention to the URL for reference


4 - Construct your menu in the Admin Page Spider settings by comparing the url to the shortcodes available.





VC Build

Other Cool Features!

WPML Multilingual Support - shows you which pages are in which language without looking!

Easily find something with search filtering & sorting.

Multilevel hierarchy & indentation for your pages.

See some dates & post info at a glance.

QuickAccess menu for fast access to popular admin pages and common functions.

Re-name titles and hide any of the menus (Whitelabel me!).

Multisite compatible (single license is good for a whole network!)

Lightweight & Fast. Only loads what you're using and has no effect on site speed.

View any page rather than edit
Show a quick access menu for common dashboard tasks
Filter pages
Sort pages to find things easier

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