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Website Care with J7 Digital

  • Only this one Website Care Plan is offered at J7 Digital. It is a comprehensive low-cost, bases-covered assurance for most modern websites.
    Although not compulsory, a care plan is emphatically encouraged in a modern web environment for all WordPress websites.

  • Regular Backups (Don't lose your website)
  • Plugin Updates (Stay up to date with new features)
  • WordPress Updates (Stay secure & relevant)
  • Security Services (Hack monitoring & control)
  • Bug Fixes (You can never anticipate when a bug will show up)
  • Email Support (I respond quickly & most changes are done within 12-48hrs)
  • Up to an average of 20 minutes of changes per month (Swap staff photos, change opening hours etc etc)

Contact & Enquiries

Prices for website care vary depending on your needs.
Larger websites, websites with more plugins, or more support need closer attention.

Please get in touch to knuckle out the details with me.

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